We deliver the necessary items to the homes of certain categories of Kharkiv residents
We deliver aid to the cities and villages in the Kharkiv region and to the people who live in de-occupied territories
We are giving out humanitarian kits at our aid point in the center of Kharkiv
We provide assistance under many of our programs: food, clothes, hygiene items, bedclothes, household chemicals, dishes, etc
We are also concern about everyone getting spiritual and psychological support

We help people who suffered from war in Ukraine

Kharkiv Benevolent Foundation

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About us
We transported people to evacuation trains stations, took them out of hot spots, helped them move to safe places in Ukraine and abroad, delivered food packages to everyone who contacted us, and always provided people with spiritual and psychological support
Foundation «HELP WINDOW» - it is the result of our one year experience helping the needy
From the first days of the full-scale russian military invasion of Ukraine, members of the Kharkiv Christian Church gathered in an informal volunteer association to help those who found themselves in a difficult situation due to the war
This is a benevolent organization created to implement projects aimed at serving people who have experienced the horrors of war, lost family and friends, lost their homes and jobs, and have no means of livelihood
Assistance to large families
What we do
Assistance to the elderly and people with reduced mobility
Assistance to people in the de-occupied territories
Assistance to refugees from de-occupied territories
Assistance to residents of Kharkiv who have lost their homes
Assistance to families with children living in Kharkiv
Hotline phone
Cooperation on spiritual support of displaced persons and humanitarian aid for them
Our strategic partner
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We are starting cooperation with the fund to help displaced people
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Our strategic partner
Cooperation in the provision of food sets
Cooperation in the provision of food sets
Cooperation in the organization of hot lunches for the needy

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In case of charitable funds transfer, the benefactor agrees with the following points:

We need funds not only to buy everything that makes up humanitarian aid

By helping us, you are helping many Ukrainians who suffered from the war

We also need to refuel and repair cars, maintain premises for issuing aid and warehouses, provide our work with stationery and other necessary little things, and pay utility bills

The benefactor gives permission to the processing of personal data

Charitable payments are non-refundable

Payments that were transferred to a specific program, in the case of its termination, are directed to one of the active programs